"I started buying and collecting vinyl records 6 or 7 years ago. One of the first bands I started collecting was Career Suicide. In my opinion, these guys are the best hardcore act around today. Collecting their vinyl has been fun. They have lots of little variations to hunt out and quite a few handmade items in the catalogue. It's probably one of my biggest and most impressive collections, so I wanted to document it here".

(Above text from from Ethan Anderson's blog 2011).

This site began as an update / expansion of Ethan's blog page. Some of the photographs are reproduced from there and he has also provided several new pictures and a lot of the information for this site. I've added a few photographs from my own collection and changed the format to fit in with the Fucked Up Discography pages.

We've also been in touch with some of the people that are, or have been directly involved with CS. Thank you to Matt (Slasher), Gord (Deranged), Yannick (Feral Ward), Stephe (Equalizing-X-Distort), Martin & Jonah (CS) for your input.

The Discography is arranged in chronological order of recording rather than release dates. Pressing information, particularly quantities is taken from different sources and the accuracy may be variable. Updates and alterations will be carried out as additional material / information becomes available.

If you have anything to add, I'd love to hear from you, please drop me a line using the email address included HERE.